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terms & conditions
Please Note:
We limit the number of profiles per category on The Safari Co., specifically for the benefit of all our members. This ensures an exclusivity and a high level of exposure which should translate into more bookings for every member of The Safari Co. Any applications received for categories that are currently full will be placed on a waiting list and we'll advise you as soon as space becomes available.
Terms & Conditions of Advertising: The Safari Company

The below phrases apply whenever the actual names are not mentioned:

Service Provider:
The Safari Co. provides online advertising on and associated websites.
The client requesting advertising on The Safari Co.

Accommodation Establishments:
We require ALL Accommodation Establishments to be members of, or accredited by one of your Regional or National Tourism Associations or Accommodation Associations (e.g. NAA, GHASA, TGCSA, SATSA, AA Travel, Portfolio, Cape Town Tourism, Classic Retreats, ATTA, etc.).
Tour Guides, Transport and Tour Operators: National Tourism Authority, SATSA and FGASA membership
Wedding / Conference Organizers: SAACI and PRISA
Other Categories / Businesses: category and industry relevant associations and bodies
Please mention all your accreditations and memberships.

2.1 Go to the Advertising page on the website and choose the most suitable package. You will be taken to a secure Paypal page where you will be promted to choose your payment method - Paypal or credit card. Complete your information as requested. Once you have processed the online payment, you will be sent a list of materials required to complete your profile.
2.2 Please contact The Safari Co. for any assistance. The Advertiser agrees to prepay transportation and import charges on all materials sent to The Safari Co. If such charges are not prepaid, The Safari Co. may either reject the material or accept it and pay the charges. In the latter case, the advertiser will be invoiced accordingly.
2.3 The Safari Co. does not accept responsibility for the quality of any advertisement supplied by the advertiser which does not meet The Safari Co.’s technical specifications. The Safari Co. reserves the right to alter any image, digital file, text message, film or other material which does not meet said specifications. The advertiser or its agent will be charged for all production work, including graphic art and design services, digital work, copywriting, typesetting, halftones, reverses, artwork(s). Services provided by The Safari Co. will be billed at the market related rates, and no commission will be allowed on such charges.

The Safari Co. is a professional organization dedicated to working with and promoting businesses that adhere to a high standard of service and professionalism. In order to ensure that we achieve this, we require you to subscribe to the following service standards.
3.1 Maintain high standards of courtesy and hospitality and ensure that facilities and services are appropriate.
3.2 Describe fairly to all visitors and prospective visitors the amenities, facilities and services provided by an establishment/travel service whether by advertisement, brochure, word-of-mouth or by any other means.
3.3 Make clear to visitors exactly what is included in the prices quoted, including taxes and any surcharges. Details of charges, for additional services or facilities available should be made clear.
3.4 Give each visitor, on request, details of payments due and a receipt, if required.
3.5 Adhere to and not exceed current prices and advise guests of any alteration in rates prior to booking.
3.6 Deal promptly and courteously with all enquiries, reservations, correspondence and complaints from visitors.
3.7 Ensure, within the bounds of legal liability, the safety of guest and their possessions.
3.8 Ensure that no guest is discriminated against in an unfair manner, notwithstanding the operator's Right of Admission.
3.9 Actively protect and enhance, where possible, the environment and experiences of tourists.
3.10 As part of The Safari Co.'s marketing efforts on your behalf, you should allow a Safari Co. representative reasonable access to review your travel service. This review will include an article written about your company with accompanying pictures and/or a short video. The visit should be on an all inclusive basis for 2 persons - one journalist and one photographer / videographer. For accommodation establishments it should include a maximum of a 2 night stay once a year. For tours, activities, spas, and other services it should be on an all inclusive basis for 2 persons once a year. Reviews might not be conducted, but if required The Safari Co. will request an assesment well in advance and are subject to availability.
3.11 To ensure a high standard of travel services represented on The Safari Co., The Safari Co. reserves the right to cancel any advertising that does not adhere to the above service standards (within reason).

Advertisers are obliged to inform us of any important changes that take place at their establishments.
4.1 Any advertiser found to be misrepresenting their facilities or services (incl. text, rates or pictures) will have their advertisement deleted from this website without discussion or refund.
4.2 The onus is on the advertiser to submit any rates changes before it comes into effect.
4.3 Change of ownership: Should you sell your establishment whilst you are a member of/advertiser on the The Safari Co. Network of sites it is part of our terms and conditions that you notify us to this effect. Please notify us in writing either via e-mail or by fax of the new company details, so that we can update our records accordingly.
4.4 Advertisers are responsible for checking the accuracy of the advertisement after going live.

Payment is made easy with a low monthly fee charged to your credit card via Paypal - the world's most popular payment gateway - find more information here: We charge in US dollars as we represent 17 countries in southern and east Africa. The main currency used in most of these countries are the US dollar.

6.1 All orders are accepted subject to availability of space in the requested category or other occurrences beyond The Safari Co.’s control, which prevent The Safari Co. from partially or completely producing, publishing, or distributing the advertisement.
6.2 The Safari Co.’s liability is limited only to the direct cost of the advertisement and not for indirect or subsequent damages due to loss of business or profit, no matter what the circumstances or notifications.

Managing your company profile on The Safari Co. should be convenient and easy. That’s why we automatically renew your subscriptions when they are about to expire.
7.1 Auto-renewal billing applies to credit/debit card payments. All renewals are billed in U.S. dollars at the beginning of each renewal period and will automatically be extended for successive renewal periods of the same duration at the subscription term originally selected, at the current, non-promotional subscription rate. All charges will appear on your credit card statement and your subscription will automatically renew each term until cancellation.
7.2 If you wish to change your credit card billing details to be charged or if your credit card information otherwise changes, please contact our Ad Support Team to make the neccessary changes to your credit card information.
7.3 A notice period of 30 days apply on cancellations. The 30 day notice period will come into effect from the time of the next payment due. The profile will stay on The Safari Co. for 30 days after this last payment. Please advise us if you wish to cancel and we will let you know when your last payment is due and when your profile will be removed.
7.4 Early cancellations are not eligible for any refund and advertisements can not be "moved" from one property to another during the advertising period, nor can advertisements be "suspended" and the re-instated again at a later time.

You will have access to your password protected advertising pages whereby any changes concerning rates, specials, images or information may be made as required. You will have access to your pages once payment has been processed. Any additional changes to the advertiser's pages may be requested from time to time, but may incur an additional charge, however you will be advised and quoted should any charges be payable. We will endeavor to have all updates completed ASAP, but delays may be encountered prior to and during peak seasons.
8.1 Only updates submitted via email will be accepted. Any other form of correspondence will be disregarded.

9.1 The Safari Co. reserves the right to refuse an advertiser an advertisement or renew an advertisement on The Safari Co. as per our discretion.
9.2 The Safari Co. will not accept more than one property per advertisement/general listing. If you wish to advertise more than one establishment/property and your establishments are on the same property/erf, you may advertise them on the same page. If they are on separate properties you need to complete application forms for each of your properties.

10.1 Misrepresentation of a travel service in order to be listed higher on the alphabetical listings of our directories or naming travel services by any name other than their registered name will not be allowed under any circumstances.
10.2 Travel services will not be listed in areas they are not actually located in.

Any advertiser found to have breached 10.1 or 10.2 above will be deemed in breach of contract and will automatically be removed from our Website and no refund given.

11. LINKS:
11.1 As part of The Safari Co.’s travel and tourism promotions, it is required that every advertiser places a discreet text link on their homepage pointing to the most relevant country specific page on The Safari Co. site (code will be supplied). These links offer helpful information to potential travelers and assist in promoting travel to your region by offering access to relevant travel information.
11.2 Please note that we do not link to any outside web sites from our advertisers' pages to limit browsers from leaving The Safari Co. advertising pages and to ensure that all advertisers have an equal opportunity to be noticed. However, reciprocal linking from The Safari Co. site can be requested via our links section, all requests will be reviewed by The Safari Co. and successful requests notified accordingly. However The Safari Co. has the right to cancel any links as deemed necessary without prior notice.

The Safari Co. reserves the right to make changes, as and when they are deemed necessary without prior notice, to any and all pages on The Safari Co. websites. This includes but is not limited to design layouts, all coding, optimization methods, content etc.
12.1 Any materials created by The Safari Co. (e.g. Logos, layout, design, wed coding etc) that are used to promote your business on our website may not be uplifted for use in other online and offline publications. Furthermore all materials are copyrighted by The Safari Co. and duplication of any materials by webmasters or website owners is strictly forbidden as this is illegal. Action will be taken against website owners who uplift content from our sites without express, written permission from us.

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