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  advertising guidelines & resources
  how to make the most of your online profile
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Complete your profile with as much information as possible
  Your profile is the main tool that you will use to get travelers to book with you. The more comprehensive your listing, the better it will reflect your business to potential customers and the more travelers will contact you.

Complete every section of your profile as comprehensively as possible. Let your profile sell your business, so don't leave out anything! List attractions, activities, facilities and services relevant to your business. Be specific about your location and always advertise a deal or special. Remember to mention a popular event in your area - then change it after the event has taken place.

When creating your profile, be sure to make use of all available space. Use the maximum number of characters allowed to describe your business.

Every profile on The Safari Co. is designed to rank well in Google's search results. The profile must be built in a way that favors the search engines. Use your main keywords in the description of your profile to ensure that you rank well. Adding photo captions and a detailed profile description as well as a unique intro paragraph will assist with your rankings. Never copy someone else's wording about your business. Unique content helps with your ranking. Learn more about ranking on Google.

Be relevant, up to date and comprehensive - it attracts travelers in search of what you offer.

Increase your exposure even more by making use of the additional advertising opportunities available. Add a few packages to your profile, subscribe to featured listings, place banners on relevant pages and list your business in The Safari Co. printable travel guide to ensure travelers find you while on holiday. For assistance with an ad campaign, contact our Ad Support Team.
Write a GREAT intro paragraph - and update it regularly
Your introduction paragraph is probably the most important part of your profile. It is the first chance you have to catch a traveler's eye as it is the same text that is used on all the search results pages and will differentiate you from the rest if well written.

See your intro paragraph as a headline of an advertisement - the first few words should generate interest immediately. When describing your business, be sure to provide a true sense of what you offer. Avoid overused descriptive words, instead focus on distinctive attributes of your services and your competitive advantage.
Keep all your information up to date and accurate
Travelers will contact you more readily when your information is up to date and accurate - this includes text, images, rates and specials. It's a good idea to set a few minutes aside every month to change and update your profile.

When you have new photos, upload them and use it in an article about your business (see the importance of article writing below).
Add all your rates and keep it updated
  After destinations, rates are the most important factor for a traveler when choosing a product or tourism service. Clients doing their research online want to see current rates. Don't let travelers go to your competitor because you don't feature your rates.

Your current lowest rate shows up in your search results and many travelers look at rates first while browsing through the search results. So don't leave it out - it's very important. Search results are also sortable by price (if clients choose to refine their search results).

Be specific - include seasons, discounts, low season rates, single supplements and children's rates. If you do not include rates in your profile, you might be missing out on potential clients.
Choose an eye catching thumbnail as your main photo
  On The Safari Co., your main thumbnail photo is an opportunity to visually sell your services on the search results pages. Make sure that your thumbnail photo stands out and is NOT generic. Use this space to 'grab' a traveler looking at your search result.
Upload the maximum number of photos
  Take advantage of the maximum number of photos you are allowed to feature on your profile.

Photographs are one of the strongest selling tools and will make a traveler contact you above the next guy, so the quality and quantity are very important. Think of the importance images play in our daily decisions - shopping, billboards, television, magazines, the internet - photos play a major part in promoting your business.
Proofread all your text for spelling mistakes and errors - then do it again
  Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can prevent a traveler from contacting you. Make use of free spell-checker available: your browsers normally comes with a free plug-in, or use your text editor to check the spelling and grammar.

It is helpful to read through your listing a few times and ask someone else to check it for you.
Send out Specials on a regular basis
  Listings that run current 'Special Offers' attract more travelers. These listing are found in the Special Offers section and the specials are displayed in the relevant category and destination pages.

The Safari Co. has a large subscribed customer base, waiting to receive your special offers. Make sure you use this tool to reach prospective clients planning a holiday to Africa. Your specials will be sent to a targeted audience looking for your services in your destination. This ensures highly qualified leads that might turn into more confirmed bookings.

Special Offers are also featured on your profile and distributed through the different social media channels.
Write interesting articles for the industry and travelers
  The Safari Company offers our members to write articles and press releases about your business, region or category. These articles are displayed throughout the website and read by interested travelers as part of their research and planning. It links back to your profile and will increase the amount of travelers visiting your listing.

Well written articles create credibility and travelers view you as an authority in your field. They are more likely to book you if you contribute towards their research.
Ask your past guests to write reviews and post them on your profile
The best way to build reviews for your business is to simply ask. Most clients are more than happy to leave a review. Send a short email to past clients and ask them for a review of your business. Ask them to add their reviews to your profile where travelers can read about you. As part of a 'thank you' email after your clients leave, ask them to write a review while the memories are still fresh in their minds. Include your profile's URL on the email, with instructions to write a review.

Reviews and ratings give your listing more credibility and give potential travelers peace of mind when contacting and booking you via the internet. It creates trust and give travelers confidence to send you an enquiry and to book your services. Reviews, ratings and comments from other travelers carry a lot of weight and many base their decision to book with you on what their fellow travelers say about you.

Your rating comes up in your search results, so it's important to get clients to rate your company.

'What about negative reviews?' you may ask.
Most reviews are positive - studies have shown that 93% of all reviews are positive! Don't be afraid of one or two negative comments. It actually creates more trust as travelers might be skeptical of a business that only has positive reviews. One negative review increases the credibility of all your positive reviews.

Respond to a negative review in a professional, constructive and positive manner. Don't react with an emotional response. Show your responsiveness and professionalism - and if neccesary, take a day to cool down before responding.
Answer every enquiry as soon as possible - then follow up
One of the best ways to ensure a high conversion rate from enquiry to booking is to offer exceptional service from the moment you receive enquiries. The faster your response on an enquiry, the higher your chances are to convert that enquiry into a confirmed booking.

Always answer the client's questions and send them information relevant to their individual enquiry. Many traveler will book you just because you replied to their enquiry in a timely, friendly and professional manner. Include helpful information that the traveler will find of interest - travel tips, packing list, events in the area during the client's visit, things to do, restaurants in the area, and anything that will assist the client to make an informed decision.
Make use of our additional advertising opportunities to increase visibility
The Safari Co. offers you the opportunity to increase your visibility through a set of carefully developed advertising tools. Learn more about our high visibility adverts here.

Choose the one that will suit your business and try it out. The benefit of online advertising is the fact that it's measurable. If you are happy with the initial results of your first high visibility advert, increase your spread of adverts to cover other categories and/or destinations.

One of the best ways to increase visibility is an ad campaign developed around your specific sector and destination. Ask one of our account managers to put together a personalised campaign for you. These campaigns are great value for money and it takes your profile to another level. Try it - it's more affordable than you think.

For any questions about our high visibility adverts, please contact our Ad Support Team who will gladly assist you in choosing the right options for you.
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  Online Marketing and Advertising  
  Why it makes sense to advertise online:

Online marketing and advertising far outweigh the responses you get from other media resources (such as magazines, radio and newspaper) if effectively managed.

Travelers (leisure and business) are becoming more informed about their intended destination by means of research and travel information sourced on the internet. They want to deal direct with the experts and service providers.

Advertising on the internet is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise with no print runs or expensive air time.

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  Facts about Travel and the Internet  
  1. 85% of travelers research and plan their holidays online.

2. Travel is the number one product (44%) bought by internet users; higher than computer software (26%) and books (24%).

3. Travelers trust online reviews written by other travelers.

4. The majority of travelers prefer to book and pay for their travel arrangements online by credit card due to convenience.

5. The internet gives travel businesses unparalelled exposure to millions of potential clients across the globe that book and search for travel services on the worldwide web.

6. Online marketing and advertising offer the highest ROI of any advertising medium, and is one of the most measurable.

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