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Mozambique beach vacation

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Mozambique offers exceptional beach experiences with small, intimate resorts and lodges on tropical islands within the Bazaruto and Quirimbas Archipelago. Listed above is the main areas visited on a Mozambique vacation. Choose from the below for different accommodation options in Mozambique for an unforgettable beach vacation. You can also use the map on the right to familiarize you with the country of Mozambique.




Mozambique beach vacation

We have a well put together Mozambique beach vacation section with a range of the best accommodation in Mozambique to choose from.

The Mozambique accommodation options range from the ideal romantic honeymoon retreats to exciting family beach resorts. Activities include sailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, horseriding, canoeing and relaxing on the beach.

Mozambique offers some of the most spectacular tropical beach holiday opportunities in Africa and it is the ideal combination to a safari in Africa's wildlife areas.

Located near the very southern tip of the country, Maputo was once renowned as a beautiful city and rated by world travellers alongside Cape Town and Rio. But after almost 20 years of war and deprivation the capital is very rundown today, with crumbling buildings and dirty streets. The City is in a revival process and witht he help of foreign moeny and investors Maputo is slowly getting up from out of the ashes.

Bazaruto Archipelago ( Marine National Park):
Located about 10km (6mi) off the coast, the Archipelago is one of the most beautiful places on the continent, complete with azure waters, sandy beaches, palm trees, pristine coral reefs, plus tropical fish to goggle at and big game fish to catch. The whole area between the mainland and the 150 fathom mark is now protected as a world-class conservation area. Transfer to the islands is by boat and can cost up to $50 p.p. This is undoubtadly an ideal Mozambique beach destination. For a vacation of a lifetime you will have to visit the Bazaruto Archipelago.

The real wealth of Bazaruto, however, lies in the full range of tropical marine ecosystems found within this varied seascape. Spectacular coral reefs and rich pelagic waters hold over 2,000 species of fish, 100 hard and 27 soft coral species, four whale and five dolphin species, and 20 species of crustaceans. The extensive sea grass beds support all five of the marine turtle species plying the waters of the Western Indian Ocean as well as the largest and only viable dugong population along the eastern African coast.

The Quirimbas:
The Quirimbas Archipelago stretches for 100 kilometres along the Mozambique coast. These tropical islands contain some of the richest coral reefs in the world and provide habitat for an abundant array of marine life. The Quirimbas Archipelago consists of 32 tropical coral islands stretching from Pemba (the capital of Cabo Delgado Province) to the Rovuma River, which forms the natural frontier between Tanzania and Mozambique. The area has never been developed and remains an unexplored tourist paradise.

The southernmost 11 of these tropical islands and a vast expanse of mainland forest are included in the Quirimbas National Park - a conservation effort to preserve and protect the area.
also an ideal beach & island vacation destination.

Tete Corridor:
Tete province is well known as the location of the colossal Cabora Bassa dam, but this province is also rich in minerals, such as coal, iron, fluorite and gold. Tete is one of the hottest parts of Mozambique as it lies on a plateau 500 m above sea level.

The provincial capital of Xai Xai is 224 km from Maputo and the nearby beach (10km) is a popular tourist destination. The Limpopo river flows to the south of the town in a wide, fertile plain where predominantly rice is cultivated. Praia do Xai-Xai. The massive reef running parallel to the beach provides natural protection against the strong waves at high tide and forms several small pools at low tide. At low tide, the reefs are invaded by women and children gathering shellfish, which they sell to appreciative tourists.

Inhambane province is characterized by its extensive coconut palms and cashew trees. This province has one of the most famous tourist destinations of the country; the Bazaruto archipelago. The Portuguese established a permanent settlement and trading post at Inhambane in 1534, making it one of the oldest settlements in Southern Africa.

This province is known for its prestine beaches and ocean beauty.

Beira :
The provincial capital, Beira, has about 350 thousand inhabitants and is built on a plain below sea level. The city spreads along the coast from the port to the lighthouse in the Macuti area. Beira's best beaches are found between the Clube Náutico and the lighthouse.

Maputo | Bazaruto Archipelago | Quirimbas Archipelago
Click on the area of interest for lodge and hotel accommodation in Mozambique

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