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  map of the wildebeest migration - annual movement of the wildebeest herds
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great migration map
On this Great Migration map you will find the movement of the wildebeest herds as they go in search for fresh grazing throughout the year.
map of the great wildebeest migration - east africa
The Great Wildebeest Migration Map

PLEASE NOTE: The above map indicates the general movement of the herds as observed over the past decades. The migration fluctuates from year to year and is dependant on the rain. Please check with your migration expert to plan your great migration safari and to establish when and where to visit.


The Great Wildebeest Migration is a 'must-see' event on every traveler's calendar. It offers spectacular sights of millions of wildebeest crossing rivers and always keeping one step ahead of the many predators that follow the herds. It is a wildlife photographer's dream and the perfect opportunity for amazing photographs and video footage. The migration of the animals depend on the rainfall in the different areas and this can cause the movement of the wildebeest and zebra to be earlier or later than indicated.

It is important to keep in mind that the millions of wildebeest and zebra are always somewhere in the Serengeti and Masai Mara. The herds gather when they prepare to move towards the rains and fresh grass. Early in the year the wildebeest give birth to their young and it offers an incredible opportunity to appreciate the sheer numbers when they are spread out over the grass plains in their thousands.

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Follow the migration as it moves through the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya.
The majority of the wildebeest herds are in search of the nutrient short grass around the Ndutu Plains and Lake Ndutu in the south east of the Serengeti. This is where the wildebeest will drop their young over a space of a few weeks. If the rainfall is low, the herds start to move to the western slopes of the Nogorogoro Crater towards Kusini, and the most southern reaches of the Serengeti near Maswa Game Reserve.
The wildebeest has started giving birth and there are massive numbers of animals on the Ndutu Plains with its nutrient grass. This is also the time to observe the many predators that follow the herds and make the most of the presence of the young wildebeest calves that number in their thousands. It is estimated that over 300,000 wildbeest calves are born every year.
Large numbers of wildebeest gather in the southern Serengeti on the Ndutu Plains. The plains are now covered in nutrient-rich grasses after the rains which attracts the herds here. The young wildebeest calves are growing and playfully preparing for the migration that will take them north in the upcoming months.
As the herds wait for the rain to stop falling, they move across the southern Serengeti. in anticipation for the migration. If the rains stop falling the herds will start moving north towards the central parts of the Serengeti NP and westwards to the Grumeti Game Reserve.
The herds will be close to the central Serengeti and western section heading to the Grumeti Game Reserve if the rains have stopped. During seasons of ongoing rain, the herds of wildebeest stay near the southern region in the fascinaty of the Ndutu Plains to enjoy the abundant supply of nutrient-rich, short grass.
The central Serengeti is teeming with large numbers of wildebeest and zebra, with large herds moving in a westerly and north westerly direction. The largest herds are found in the Naabi Hill and Seronera region. As the wildebeest and zebra move in the direction of the Grumeti Game Reserve, the first river crossings can be seen at the Grumeti River. Here you can experience the dramatic interaction of crododile and wildebeest as vast numbers of wildbeest try to cross this first river. It is a highlight of the migration and an incredible place to witness the drama that unfolds day by day.
The herds move north towards the upper regions of the Serengeti bordering the Masai Mara. Massive amounts of animals are now strecthed out over a vast area from the central Serengeti (Seronera) to the west where they cross the river, all the way north of the Grumeti. The first few herds can start crossing the Mara River by the end of July - another major highlight of the great wildbeest migratio! The sheer numbers make for impressive game viewing as the wildebeest and zebra migrate across the Serengeti National Park.
At this time there are wildebeest and zebra everywhere. They move into the Mara Triangle in such numbers that they cross the Talek and Mara rivers a few times. As they search for the best grass, the herds often cross the river many times in a day. If it rains on the one side, large numbers fo animals move there in anticipation of the best grazing to feed on.
The majority of the herds of wildebeest are found in the east and northern parts of the Masai Mara Game Reserve with it's nutrient-rich grass. Some of the last animals are still crossing the Mara River into the Mara Triangle. The front of the migration already sees the first large herds crossing back into the Serengeti as they move south east. The majority of wildebeest will most-likely start their journey back south within the next few weeks.
With the first rains in the central and southern Serengeti, the herds are drawn to the fresh new grass that will start appearing soon. The Mara River crossing makes for more spectacular crocodile-wildebeest interaction as the migrating herds move south. The northern Serengeti is now packed with large herds of wildebeest.
As the migration travels south, they reach the central Serengeti and Seronera. The wildbeest herds start to move towards the rich, grassy plains in the south of the Serengeti where the migration will slow down when it reaches the Ndutu Plains in the south.
If the rains were on time, the Ndutu Plains in the south and the Ngorongoro area will be thick with lush, nutrient-rich grass where the herds will rest for a while in preparation for the calving that takes place early in the year. Millions of wildebeest complete this journey every year.

The Great Wildebeest Migration is definitely one of Africa's prestigious events that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Contact a Great Migration Travel Expert to arrange your safari for you.
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