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packing lists

packing lists for a safari to africa

As you prepare for your African safari, it is important to pack the right stuff. With years of experience in African safaris, we know what works and what doesn't. You don't want to take too much, but you also want to ensure you're packing the necessary items you'll need while on your vacation.

Use this handy packing list to
PACK LIKE A PRO! We include examples of what works on an African holiday, for both men and women.

And best of all, you can buy most of the items on the list from the comfort of your home! Find travel gear and clothing for your holiday in our online Safari Store.

packing list safaris packing list safaris packing list safaris
  General Packing List   Suggested For Men Suggested For Women
2 x quick dry convertible pants [see example] [see example]
2 x quick-dry long sleeve shirts [see example] [see example]
2 x long sleeve t-shirts [see example] [see example]
3 x t-shirts [see example] [see example]
1 x soft shell or fleece jacket [see example] [see example]
1 x sleeveless jacket [see example] [see example]
1 x waterproof jacket/windbreaker [see example] [see example]
1 x wide brim hat [see example] [see example]
1 x cap [see example] [see example]
5 x underwear [see example] [see example]
2 x pair ankle socks [see example] [see example]
2 x pair long socks [see example] [see example]
1 x microfiber towel [see example] [see example]
2 x sarong [see example] [see example]
1 x pajamas [see example] or [see example] [see example] or [see example]
  Clothes: Summer    
1 x swimming costume [see examples] [see example]
  Clothes: Winter    
1 x long thermal pants [see example] [see example]
1 x thermal vest [see example] [see example]
1 x scarf/buff [see example] [see example]
1 x gloves [see example] [see example]
1 x beanie [see example] [see example]
1 x walking shoes/cross trainers [see example] [see example]
1 x sandals [see example] [see example]
1 x flip flops [see example] [see example]
2 x shoe bags [see example] [see example]
  Safari Essentials    
Camera and accessories [see example] [see example]
Memory cards [see example] [see example]
Binoculars [see example] [see example]
Sunglasses [see examples] [see examples]
Sunblock and Aftersun    
Insect repellant [see example] [see example]
Prescribed medicine ( copy of prescription)  
Guide books [see examples] [see examples]
Head torch [see example] [see example]
Extra batteries    
1 x laundry bag [see example] [see example]
1 x strong, soft duffel bag [see example] [see example]
1 x daypack/camera backpack [see example] [see example]
1 x toiletries bag [see example] [see example]
Valid passport with visas    
Emergency phone numbers    
Travel insurance documentation [get travel insurance]  
Your itinerary    
Vaccination certificates    
  Other Important Items    
Airline tickets    
Converter power plug adaptor [see example] [see example]
Credit cards    
Cash in small denominations    
Photocopies of all documentation    
Cellphone and charger [see example] [see example]
Tablet and charger [see example] [see example]
SD-card reader for tablet [see example] [see example]
Alarm clock [see example] [see example]
Clothes line [see example]    
Money pouch [see example] [see example]
Small nail brush [see example] [see example]
Laundry detergent [see example]  
Small sewing kit [see example]    
Tweezers [see example]    
  Men's Items    
Shaving blades [buy them with a razor]  
Shaving cream [see example]  
Pocket knife/Leatherman [see example]  
Grooming kit [see example]  
  Women's Items    
Sports bra   [see example]
Chocolate bars - pack a few of your favourites  
Ziplock bags    
  Kid's Items    
Small notebook    
Playing cards    
1 x soft toy    
  Medical Kit - please consult your GP regarding the below medical kit list
Malaria prophylaxis (if required)**  
Cold and allergy medicine**  
Cortisone cream**    
Antibiotic ointment**    
Broad spectrum antibiotic**  
Diarrhea medicine**    
Prescription medication (with copy of prescription)**  
Insect repellant [see example]  
Hand Sanitizer [see example]  
Coartem or Cotecxin malaria treatment**  
  ** VERY IMPORTANT: Consult your GP regarding these items
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What To Pack On Safari | Packing List for African Safaris
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