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  The Safari Co. is 10 years old this year and we are celebrating this milestone by traveling around southern and east Africa to bring you up to date destination news and amazing articles from the places we visit and the thngs we do!
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Lesotho Sehlabathebe NP
destination: greater addo, eastern cape, south africa
A Family Safari In Greater Addo  
The plan was to explore eastern Lesotho on a week-long expedition visiting places of interest along the way. Five days of moderate to difficult 4x4 tracks, crossing mountain passes and rivers, finding waterfalls and hiking rolling green hills...that was the plan when two of us were going to rough it a bit with no rest days. Then, the day before departure we had to change our plans after one of the expedition members had to cancel due to last minute work commitments that he could not postpone... read full article
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    why we go on african expeditions?  
We brought you exceptional experiences in Africa for a decade now and we intend to find more exciting, new places to see and things to do to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for when visiting this amazing continent. We are continually promoting different destinations every month while documenting the 'must-see' routes and packages, places to visit and things to do in those destinations. Follow us on facebook, google+ and twitter to stay up to date. We're writing about our expeditions on our blog, so be sure to subscribe so that you can receive fresh news and updates on Africa in your inbox!

We will be featuring a wide range of holiday options - from top luxury lodges to wild bush camping and everything in between - there's something for everyone! We also bring you reviews of the latest safari products and equipment used on safari and we'll test them in the field to make sure they do the job. Then you know what to pack when preparing for your safari.

So follow us as we travel through Africa on regular expeditions for an adventure of a lifetime. We hope to see you in Africa soon! If you want to plan a holiday in Africa, just search by destination or category, or start by contacting an Africa travel expert.
    who are we?  

We're an adventurous family with a passion for Africa and we explore this amazing continent at every opportunity we get! We're in the fortunate position to work in the safari industry, more specifically promoting Africa's tourism destinations for the past 15 years.

A while ago we decided to show our children the wonders, beauty and diversity of the African continent by taking them on expeditions to some of the most incredible places on earth!

We have a love for Africa, its diverse people and the incredible places. On our journeys we search for the best destinations and most amazing experiences you can enjoy on an African safari. We write about it, take photographs, shoot videos and talk about our trips on our blog. Read more about us below and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter to stay up to date with our journeys of discovery around Africa!

See where we travel by exploring our routes and get our perspective about safari gear and equipment you might find useful on your own African safari.

Here's a bit about The Safari Co.'s intrepid family:

Dirk: During my childhood we spent most of our holidays in the African bush where I grew to love the birds, wildlife and Africa's diverse cultures. After my studies I worked as a dental technician in London and soon realised that my heart was back in Africa where I was born. I packed my bags and on my return worked as a safari guide in southern and east Africa. It is a priviledge to show my family the amazing places I've seen and to bring back news to you about this fascinating continent!

Zuney: I grew up in a farming community and got to spend hours on farms exploring and experiencing the still quiteness of the wilderness. I fell in love with the solitude of the outstreched plains and dense bush and how it has the ability to quite down the mad rush of life and simplify it. I love the journey and believe it's as much part of the destination as getting there. People fascinate me. Spending time observing different cultures and reading travel stories are a favourite past time.

The kids: Both our kids enjoy nature and we try to instill a love for Africa and its people in them through our travels and exposure to different cultures.

A bit more about The Safari Co.:

The Safari Co.'s focus is to promote African destinations and tourism services to travelers. We connect travelers with tourism businesses where they can plan their African safari together to ensure exceptional service and great rates! Due to the nature of African travel we promote the services of Africa travel experts who will plan your complete African holiday with you!

  Who are we?
  our responsibility to give back to africa - touch the land  
Part of our commitment to Africa is to give back to the people and places of this amazing continent through partnering with an organization called Touch the Land.

We seek to redistribute the revenue generated through The Safari Co., to those people that need it most. We do this by donating a portion of our profits each year to Touch the Land - a foundation that implements rural community development projects in some of the countries featured on our website. Our expeditions include visits to some of the communities supported by Touch the Land. This enables us to see first hand where we can assist and how our efforts can optimally impact people's lives. We will include feedback of these visits as and when it takes place.

Best of all, when you use The Safari Co. website to plan your African safari you are making a real difference in the lives of the people in Africa! If that makes you feel good, that's exactly what it's suppose to do. It's great to do this together.

Read more about Touch the Land and the work they do. See how you can make a difference.
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