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camping holidays africa find a camping safari in africa - enjoy african camping holidays
Click on a country on the map to find camping safari destinations, camping operators and camping holidays in Africa. Every destination offers something unique and will give you the opportunity to explore Africa's spectacular wildlife, scenery and cultures while camping.
camping safaris in africa
Camping Holidays in Africa

Camping in Africa offers you an adventure where you get close to nature, camp in the wilds of Africa, relax and stick your toes in the sand while you sit around the campfire at night, listening to Africa's nightlife...!

Our 'under canvas' camping safari packages in Africa offer you the best camping safari experience to explore Africa. Most camping safari packages are operated on a scheduled basis with regular departures. If you are a family or a group of friends traveling together, choose a private, tailormade safari for small private groups. For the more adventurous, have a look at African overland camping safari adventures!

The below camping safaris offer different styles of camping:

Camping in Africa   Fully Serviced Camping Safaris
The most popular camping safari is the fully serviced safari where the guides and support staff put up and strike the camp, and take care of every detail, so that you can simply relax and enjoy the camping safari adventures. Domed or walk-in tents boast comfortable safari beds with ensuite or communal w.c. and hot bucket showers on offer. Travel in a small group or plan your own custome made camping safari.
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Classic Mobile Safaris   Classic Mobile Camping
A true old-style African safari experience with colonial flair and unique experiences that takes you back to the days of the explorers... but without the hardships and difficulties. In actual fact, a classic mobile safari will spoil every other experience for ever! Enjoy luxurious comforts and exceptional service while staying in touch with Africa's wilderness and raw beauty.
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Fly Camping in Africa   Fly Camping
This type of camping is generally done in combination with a lodge safari where you travel to a remote part of a reserve and spend a few nights 'roughing it'. It is an exceptional experience and shouldn't be missed if you get the opportunity. Tents are basic and you normally sleep in a bedroll, but the exclusivity and uniqueness make it an unforgettable African experience...
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Overland Adventure Camping in Africa   Adventure Overland Camping
Overland adventure camping in Africa offers you an afforded camping holiday where you get close to nature, camp in the wilds of Africa, relax and stick your toes in the sand while you sit around the campfire at night, listening to Africa's nightlife...! This style of traveling is generally aimed at travelers that want to see quite a bit during their visit. It's generally affordable and a great way to travel with like-minded people in Africa.
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camping holidays in africa


is a camping safaris in africa for me?
Camping Holidays in Africa is a great way to experience the wilderness areas of Africa. It is generally more affordable than staying in fixed accommodation like lodges, camps and hotels, but it does leave you exposed to the elements. However, Africa offers pleasant weather most seasons of the year to make camping a very attractive option to consider. Choose a camping operator that specializes in camping safaris - they get it right and they know all the best spots. It is always great to travel with a group where you meet new people. These camping trips are led by professional guides who will point out all the attractions along the way so that you don't miss a thing!

wildlife areas in africa
Check out the African wildlife species that occur in southern and east Africa. Then choose the game reserves or national parks where you want to spend your time while on your camping safari.

If you need a quote or detailed itinerary for a camping safari in Africa, please contact one of our service providers to plan the perfect camping holiday in the wilds of Africa.

tailor made camping safaris

For a camping safari of a lifetime! If you plan to travel as a group, be it friends or as a family, ask your camping safari operator if it would be possible to arrange a private departure for your group. It offers exclusivity and you have a bit more flexibility on what to do and where you'd like to go. Let your camping operator plan the itinerary for you as they are the specialists and will ensure that you have the best time during your visit.

Also use our safari experts to assist you in deciding what to combine with your camping safari to Africa, where to go, when to go there and what to do while you're there.

  Camping Tips  

A camping safari holiday in Africa should be a time to enjoy Africa up-close. But it doesn't mean you have to forgo all the luxurious of everyday life. If you plan well and follow common sense, things are pretty good when camping in the wilds of Africa! Here are a few camping tips that will help you prepare for your camping safari:

Packing tips
When preparing for your safari, choose clothes that are comfortable, versatile and neutral in colour. Also pack your clothing into a soft duffel bag (water proof if you can get one) with strong handles, and take a small backpack (daypack) for your loose items like cameras, toiletries, something warm, sunglasses and a hat.

As part of many camping safaris, you will be required to fly into a wilderness area on a light aircraft where you start your safari. These aircraft have strict baggage limitations and your duffel bag will be perfect here.

No matter what the time of year, dress in layers. It’s the easiest and most effective way to control your body temperature.

'Must take' essentials
These are items you cannot forget:

Binoculars - get a good pair of binocs which will make the game viewing experience that much more enjoyable. You will also be able to appreciate the beauty African birds in more detail. There are many brands to choose from but Swarovski makes excellent binoculars. Nikon specialises in photography and knows their stuff when it comes to lenses, so check out their binoculars too.

Sunglasses - Africa has some serious sunshine and lots of it! So to enjoy the warm, long days to the full, invest in a good pair of sunglasses that will protect your eyes and help you spot those elusive wildlife much easier. Polarised lenses work well. Be it in the bush or on the beach, a pair of sunnies will make it that much better! Stick to the guys who specialise in good quality products - Ray Ban and Oakley make good, strong sunglasses.

UV Sunscreen Protection - pack a tube of sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Island Tribe is a great brand for protecting against the African sun. It's made in Africa for Africa.

A Good Hat - Make sure you pack a hat. There's nothing worse than getting sun burn on your face or even sunstroke because of too much exposure. A wide brimmed hat keep the sun off your face and shoulders. We'd suggest a hat that packs easily. A hat made of fabric works well. Pack a cap for those days when you just need to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Camera - it is well worth capturing those special moments on safari, so we'd suggest that you invest in a good camera.

Head lamp - it's probably one of the most useful tools for camping. Keep it handy at all times and pack extra batteries.

Earplugs - Pack a pair as you never know who will be your neighbour in the tent next door...

There are many more items to list here, but these are some of the most important ones you should have with you when going on a camping safari in Africa.

Tent tips
Keep your tent clean when breaking camp by always using a ground sheet under the tent. It keeps your tent clean so packing up is easy and quick. The ground sheets can also be used during lunch stops on your way to the next campsite.

To keep the inside of your tent clean, have a no-shoe policy in the tent. Just make sure that you place them inside at night otherwise hyena or jackal will run off with them.

Don't leave food in your tent. It might attract wildlife and can put you in a dangerous situation. Rather keep your stash of snacks in the vehicle.

The best way to not get bitten by bugs is to keep your tent door closed at all times - even during the day. Most tents come with a mosquito sheet infront of the door and windows, so on the warmer days, you'll have more than enough ventilation. It also keeps the snakes and wildlife out. Animals see a tent as a solid structure so you can feel safe once tucked in for the night.

Prevent insect bites
The most effective methods to not get bitten is to implement a few basic strategies together. Spray immediately after a shower or bath. Don't forget the exposed areas (ears, ankles, hands, neck and face). Wear light long sleeved shirts and cotton trousers at night. Always keep your tent closed to prevent an insect from sneaking in. Burn an insect repelling candle in camp.

Send us your camping tips! We'd love to hear from you and will credit you if it's featured on our website. Contact us here.

featured camping safaris in africa Advertise here

Tambuzi is a South African based eco-tourism safari company that specializes in itineraries to explore a wide variety of the national parks in the Southern African region for a truly remarkable African wildlife experience.

Safaris include visits to the world renowned Kruger National Park in South Africa, Limpopo National Park in Mozambique, Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe and Hlane National Park in Swaziland.

Tambuzi offers standard and custom-made safari itineraries, for small groups up to eight people of diverse nationalities.

Letaka Safaris is based in Maun, Botswana offering authentic mobile camping safaris on both scheduled departures as well as private and tailor-made safaris throughout the year. We give guests comfortable tented accommodation along with the best guides in the business, meaning that the guests can focus on the exceptional experience on offer.

We offer exceptional camping safaris to southern Africa's wilderness areas.
Okavango Expeditions offer affordable camping safaris into Botswana's wilderness areas.

Two types of safaris are available: a budget mobile adventure and a serviced mobile camping safari for those needing a bit more comfort. Or book a tailor-made mobile safaris if you plan to travel as a group of friends or a family.

The focus is on the amazing wildlife and scenery of Botswana. Enjoy scheduled or tailer-made safaris led by experienced guides who will show you the wonders of Botswana.
Bush Baby Calls is a mobile safari operator based in Maun Botswana.

Our camping safaris allow guests to explore some of Botswana's most unique wilderness areas such as Moremi Game Reserve, the Okavango Delta , Makgadikgadi Pans, Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Nxaii Pans and day tours to Victoria Falls.

We offer budget camping, semi luxury camping and luxury mobile camping.
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