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Lake Malawi Islands
Lying at the southern end of Africa's Great Rift Valley, Lake Malawi is the ninth largest lake in the world. It is 560km, 80km wide and 700m deep and forms most of the eastern border between Malawi and Mozambique. It is one of the Great Rift Valley lakes and lies in a depression which plunges well below sea level - to a depth of 2,300ft in the north. It is the third largest lake in Africa and has impressive proportions with approximate dimensions of 584km north to south and 83km wide. Half the south-eastern section of the lake belongs to Mozambique with the border running through the centre of the water, while Tanzania lies along the north-eastern shore.


Lake Malawi Islands - Mumbo Island
Lake Malawi Kayaking
Lake Malawi Islands - Mumbo Island Deck

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We focus on two areas in the lake: the Lake Malawi National Park in the south and Likoma Island in the northern central part of the lake.

Lake Malawi National Park is a World Heritage Site and an area of overwhelming beauty. It is also the first freshwater marine reserve on earth, sporting thousands of cichlid tropical fish that are vital to the bio-diversity of our planet.

The national park is a sanctuary for the unique, often brightly coloured little fish called cichlids, much prized by freshwater aquarium enthusiasts. More than 500 species of these fish have been recorded but it is thought there could be 1,000 different species in the lake.

Mumbo Island and Domwe Island are luxurious yet rustic. These tropical islands are located within exclusive concession areas, guaranteeing privacy in paradise.

Constructed entirely of timber, thatch and canvas, the camps adhere to the strictest principles of eco-architecture. Accommodation on the tropical islands is in large safari tents situated on thatched, wooden decks overlooking the lake. Each tent is fully furnished with its own shady view-deck and private hammock.
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Likoma Island is the larger of two small islands situated in the far north of Lake Malawi, on the east of the Lake and very close to the Mozambique coastline. To visit the island is to step back in time. Just 17 square kilometres with one small dirt road and two vehicles, the local people survive largely by fishing, and rice and cassava farming.

The island has hundreds of huge baobab trees and a number of glorious sandy beaches and rocky coves. The waters are crystal clear throughout the year and the diving and snorkelling is among the best in Lake Malawi.

Kaya Mawa Lodge is situated on the south-western tip of the Island at the head of a crescent-shaped bay, surrounded by mango trees and ancient baobabs. Translated as “Maybe tomorrow” in the local Tonga dialect, the lodge uses the stunning natural surroundings of beach, rock, island and lake to create a lodge of unique character, imagination and very special ambience. With no machinery available on the island, Kaya Mawa Lodge was built entirely by hand, in partnership with the local community.
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The Lake Malawi Islands offer a unique island experience with exciting activities such as kayaking and snorkelling in the fresh water of the lake.

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Lake Malawi Islands | Mumbo and Domwe | Kayaking Lake Malawi