T he below infographic serves to show the size of Africa and that the continent is made up of many independent countries, which has put measures in place to limit the spread of the Ebola virus (similar to countries not situated in Africa). It doesn’t focus on the spread of the virus and how it can be prevented.

The outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa has caused major concern with travelers planning safaris to southern and east Africa. We put together this infographic for travelers, the tourism industry, media partners and travel organizations to help visitors make informed decisions. We also show travelers the sheer size of the continent of Africa, and how they can go on safari with peace of mind.

Please feel free to distribute this graphic to anyone that will find it useful. If you’re in the tourism industry, spread this message far and wide to reduce the impact this outbreak in West Africa has on the travel plans of those wanting to visit Southern and East Africa. Here’s a link to this infographic: Ebola in West Africa. Or download the image below, but we’d like to ask that a link to our website, facebook page or blog will be placed with the graphic when sending it out.

ebola. are you at risk?

Please contact us for any information or questions. Leave a comment below and tell us what your thoughts are regarding this serious subject.

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  • Brendan Mitchell

    Surely the geographical distance has only little influence on the spread of Ebola? Air routes and transportation hubs are the key here… I think your graphic is mis-leading. It’s not as though Ebola is going to look at a map an say “Europe is closer so I’ll go there – I can’t be arsed to walk to Nairobi”. It’s going to travel where the air routes are! And to that end Nairobi is in the hot spot as a major African transport hub.

  • http://www.thesafaricompany.co.za TheSafariCo

    Hi Brendan,

    Thanks for the comment. The infographic was designed to show the geography of Africa and that the main safari destinations (southern and East Africa) are further away from the ebola outbreak than many European countries and Brazil. It was made in response to a few cancellations received by the travel industry for safaris to South Africa, Zambia and Kenya. Without going into too much details, some of the reasons given were nervousness due to the fact that the destinations were in Africa.

    Regarding the air routes to and from the affected West African countries, Kenya Airways has cancelled all flights from the affected countries to stop the spread via flight passengers. Botswana and South Africa are refusing entry to persons who visited the affected countries. The ‘hotspots’ will be all countries (worldwide) that still fly to and from the countries where ebola is currently a problem. Does that clarify the ‘distances’ issue?

    There is the idea that Africa is one large country and we wanted show (in a positive way) that the continent is made up of independent countries and that the distances are vast.

    If air routes and transportation were the deciding factor, then no one should worry about visiting southern and east Africa.

  • Julia

    I think you are unfortunately right, Brendan. This is a nice try of showing east and southern Africa is further away than some European countries f.e., but that’s not the main issue when it comes to Ebola.
    In my opinion (some) African countries are more at risk through it’s poor health systems, which means it could take much longer to identify Ebola in a person and the virus has time to spread undetected.

  • http://www.thesafaricompany.co.za TheSafariCo

    Hi Julia,

    The air routes from West Africa to southern and East Africa have been suspended and persons who visited affected countries in the past 30 days won’t be allowed access, even if arriving from elsewhere. It also needs to be taken into consideration that you can’t just take a quick drive from West Africa to southern and eats Africa. The distances are massive and the road infrastructure across the central African countries makes this near impossible.

    The purpose of the infographic is to show the actual size of the continent of Africa and that each of the 54 countries have strict customs regulations and many have now put even stricter regulations in place to prevent the spread (similar to the UK and other European nations).

    Cape Town in South Africa is rated the most beautiful cities in the world, with world-class infrastructure and medical facilities. Why cancel a visit to Cape Town? The reason given was ‘because it’s in Africa’…

    The main spread risk is by air, but if the West African air routes are restricted, it reduces the risk for all destinations including Europe, the Americas as well as southern and East Africa.

  • Julia

    Well, this applies for non-residents only unfortunately…

  • Priszilla

    Now we got an African diplomat with ebola in Nigeria, treated in clandestine in a hotel room by a doctor who died and during his sickness attended parties of baby shower and infected at least his wife and who else.

  • Andy Styles Karanja

    Hi Safari Co. I think you are explaining this scenarios to illiterate and very ignorant people..who the heck thinks Africa is a Country.?? Jeeez…talk of dumbness, i thought google came to rescue way back, and who just said they cant travel to Nairobi, hallo am in Nairobi and yes i walk my arse everyday to work through the Central Business District..do i have Ebola.?!

  • Nico Brink

    It seems Brendan and Julia are missing the point completely. What I see in the news is the virus popping up in Spain and the US, not Kenya and South Africa.

    And yes, people do see Africa as one small place. I was just denied a visa to Uzbekistan because I am from South Africa where Ebola is. Even though I haven’t set foot in Africa for 6 months now.

  • zebra hunter

    Notice that Ebola has not spread to other African countries because the have closed their borders. Wish America would do the same! African countries have dealt with these issues before and know how to handle it. I would not be nervous going to SA at all, in fact just went for 3 weeks on safari in SA and Ebola free!

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