In the final episode of this exciting journey into the underwater world of the Nile Crocodile, the crew pushes the boundaries by testing the theory of a crocodiles eye sight (or lack there of). But these reptiles have not ruled Africa’s waterways for hundred million years without knowing stuff! It doesn’t change the fact that these are violent, dangerous beasts.

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The divers come so close to the first croc that they manage to touch it. After closer inspection they realise that it is blind in the one eye. After a while it moved off. The second croc they spent time with also allowed them to come close, even to the point of touching it to make move. The footage captured in this episode is extraordinary, but what’s most astonishing is the fact that the crew of divers is all still alive. Perhaps it;s the fact that the crocodiles can’t seem very well, or the fact that it was winter in the Okavango Delta and the crocodiles are less active in the cold. Or that humans dressed in scuba gear are not part of the crocs menu…or it could just be that the team is very, very lucky!

This level of interaction between humans and crocodiles was life changing for the team involved. But be sure to not underestimate the superiority of this apex predator! The Nile crocodile is fascinating and scary, majestic and wild.