The team are on the trail of an enormous crocodile that led them to the entrance of a cave. Now they should decide if they enter the cave and risk their lives or loose out on the shoot of a lifetime.

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They decided to rather go in search of more manageable specimens that wouldn’t be as dangerous to film. For the first time on their journey of discovery, the team takes in the pure beauty of their surroundings. With the sun’s rays filtering through the submerged trees and vegetation, the scenery is truly spectacular. It’s a world few people have seen, thanks to it’s terrifying gatekeepers, the crocodiles.

The divers discovered that the Nile crocodile has one surprising weakness in the reptile’s seemingly perfect anatomy – it can’t see very well under water! The membrane that covers the eye of a crocodile when they enter water can limit their eye sight while submerged. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the team of divers are any safer, as a crocodile possesses an arsenal of senses to pick up any threat or potential prey in its vicinity. They are fully aware of the presence of the crew…

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