In the previous episode, the teams overconfidence leads to a terrifying mistake. They got out of that one but needed some time to regroup before the next dive. The incident is a sobering reminder of just how dangerous this quest is.

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The caves are unchartered. Crocodiles and cold blooded hunters and panicking in their presence can get someone killed. Not only that, but millions of years of evolution have ensured that this reptile has the world’s strongest bite force. More than 2 tons or 5000 pounds of pressure are contained in those jaws. In comparison a lion’s bite force measures in at 1000 pounds. A great white shark is a mere 4000 pounds. Crocodiles win hands down.

But diving with crocodiles is this team’s mission, and they’re going in. The team encounters an absolute monster of a croc. They head upstream, plunge in and drift down towards it. Crocodiles are masters at hiding. It is what they do best and how they catch their prey. The team is on full alert at all times. A 4m crocodile is waiting for them downstream, camouflaged in the submerged grass. Luckily they spot the large dominant male in the open. It is surprisingly calm and it lumbers off in its own streamlined way. Then the adrenalin kicks in! They work their way back to the boat all the while very aware that the large crocodile can be behind them ready to ambush them.

They find another crocodile and follows it as it enters one of the dark caves under the rotting vegetation. It’s pitch dark, so do they risk their lives going after it?

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