The Safari Co.
 loves Africa and technology. We offer the tourism industry digital tools to grow their businesses online, and to build meaningful relationships with customers to ensure word of mouth and return business. The website creates a place where travelers and travel businesses meet to plan better holidays. Here both of you can do what you do best – plan an African Safari! The Safari Co. allows travelers to confidently plan their African holiday, and with participating travel service providers we create a platform where Africa’s tourism industry is promoted to travelers from all over the world.

The Safari Tribe App is a unique mobile application developed by The safari Co. to keep our travel industry members engaged with their clients before, during and after their holidays. The app was developed in response to the fast growth of mobile usage by travelers. Over 52% of travelers use their mobile devices during their trip and over 40% share their travel experiences with their friends and family while on holiday. Make sure that these tech-savvy travelers get the digital tools they need, from YOU!

We also provide helpful, well organized information about Africa to assist travelers in planning the perfect holiday.

For the traveler:
By providing travelers with useful, organized information about the African travel industry and its suppliers the potential traveler finally has a useful travel website that isn’t just a list of service providers. In fact, we will ensure that The Safari Co. does not end up looking like a classifieds column.

1. We provide up to date and useful information about everything to do with Africa travel. Find travel guides, maps, photos, articles, suppliers and reviews about African travel.
2. Deal direct with travel suppliers in Africa and save!
3. Find a range of travel businesses who will assist in planning your holiday in Africa to the last detail. Travel in Africa can be daunting at times, but they are the experts and know what they’re doing.
4. Be the first to receive specials and travel deals in your inbox as they are released.

For the travel business:
We allow travel professionals the opportunity to profile themselves online, helping them stand out from the crowd.

1. Show case your travel products and services to a global and local audience by creating a profile on the popular Safari Co. website (this site ranks well for almost everything to do with African Safaris as it’s been focusing on it for over 9 years). The profile is a unique, mini-website with 5 pages where travelers can contact travel businesses directly.
2. Build loyalty and trust with the Safari Tribe App. It features your branding and ensures that your brand stays top-of-mind with your tech-savvy clients.
3. Learn about online marketing with Tribe Academy. The importance of staying up to date with all things online has never been more of a priority.

So get listed today.

Enjoy Africa and make use of The Safari Co. for your benefit. Please let us know if you would like to see something on The Safari Co. that we don’t offer at the moment. We’re open to input and advise from everyone.