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  get ahead of the pack with the world's finest vehicle gear for travel and camping
  who is front runner?  
  Already established as the premiere expedition vehicle outfitter in Africa, Europe and Australia - Front Runner is a 13 year old South African based company founded by a team of engineers, designers, outdoor enthusiasts and professional off-road drivers. There isn't a country in Africa they haven't navigated through or camped in. Their combined years of experience in the bush -- dreaming up, designing, building, and testing innovative products -- is the reason Front Runner has quickly grown to become one of the top 4x4 accessory companies in all of Africa.

Renown for their superior quality, intelligent design, and durability, Front Runner products are built for the tough and grueling African bush. Their equipment is favored by the U.N., Safari operators, and the most serious expedition drivers. You may have even seen Front Runner roof racks and water tanks featured in the Ewan McGregor, Charlie Boorman documentary "The Long Way Down" about their overland journey from Scotland to South Africa.

By utilizing the very latest technology and materials, together with CAD (Computer Aided Design), in-house laser cutting, powder coating and bending, Front Runner has developed the most versatile and advanced range of 4x4 accessories. Front Runner has even earned the distinction of having many of their products recognized as official accessories by Land Rover.

Throughout Africa, Australia, America and Europe, casual campers to the most serious expedition leaders have trusted Front Runner roof racks and accessories.
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Tel: +27 (0)11 466 0155   Tel: 1 (818) 253 1322 or Toll Free: 1 (866) 840 0321
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Address: 1 Forssman Close, Barbecue Downs Address: 29370 Roadside Dr.
Kyalami, Johannesburg, SA Agoura Hills, CA 91301, USA
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  front runner and the safari co.  
  The Safari Co. is exploring Africa on epic journeys to promote this amazing continent and bring you news from the field. We're very glad to have Front Runner as one of the partners and can travel into remote areas with the knowing that our vehicle equipment and accessories are kept secure with superior design and craftsmanship.

We will be testing Front Runner's range of 4x4 equipment and camping accessories in the harsh conditions of African overland travel and will bring you feedback on the products to help you make an informed decision.
  front runner accessories and equipment used by the safari co.  
We fitted a wide range of vehicle accessories and camping equipment on our vehicle and trailer. Our focus was to keep the overall weight down and to ensure durability and ease of use. We are currently using the following:
  front runner accessories fitted on the safari co. expedition vehicle  
Front Runner Roofrack  

An all aluminum roof rack that offers strength, lightness and aerodynamics that suits our expedition needs. Made from 6063 grade aluminum and then powder coated with a durable finish, the Front Runner Roof Racks are virtually corrosion free.

  Front Runner Gas Bottle Holder   GAS BOTTLE HOLDER:
This convenient lockable gas bottle holder keeps our gas secure and easily accessible. This is an improved design that keeps the bottle in place with no rattles. It's the small things that make the difference - once the bottle is locked in place it doesn't budge.
Front Runner Jerry Can and Water Can with Holder  

We opted for a jerry can/water container combo to carry unleaded fuel for the generator and drinking water on the roof of the vehicle. The 20 ltr water container has a tap for easy access and the holder keeps the both containers in place without any movement.

  Front Runner Water Tank with Roofrack Holder   WATER CONTAINER:
This 40 ltr water container fits into a double jerry can holder and comes standard with a hose and 'Gardena' fitment. This makes it easy to clip a shower head in place. The exposure to the sun heats the water to a comfortable temperature, ideal for a quick shower at the end of the day.
Front Runner High-Lift Jack Holder   HIGH-LIFT JACK BRACKET:
An innovative bracket that keeps your high-lift jack secure on the side of the roof rack in easy reach when required. Something we like about this bracket is the fact that every moving part of the high-lift jack is firmly kept in place to minimise rattles.
  High-lift Jack   EXPANDER CHAIRS:
The most versatile and comfortable camping chair we've ever used! Major benefits are the packed size, the quality, the comfort and ease of use. The Expander Chair is superior to anything we've tried on our safaris. Quick set up, and clever design makes it a pleasure to use!
Front Runner Spade Holder with Spade   SPADE BRACKET AND SPADE:
We use a spade for many purposes and it's something you shouldn't go without. From digging out the vehicle when getting stuck in thick sand to moving a warm braai grid off the fire, you need a spade close by and secured in a safe place. The side of the roofrack is the ideal spot.
  Front Runner Axe Holder   AXE BRACKET AND AXE:
A handy bracket that neatly keeps your axe on the side of the roof rack. Important points - lockable, no rattles, easy to use. We don't use an axe often, but when you need it, you REALLY need it! We positioned the axe behind the spade on the left side of the roof rack.
Front Runner Camping Table fitted to Roofrack Sliders   CAMPING TABLE WITH SLIDER:
Our camping table is installed under the roof rack - out the way but easy to get to. The position at the back of the roof rack works well as the table is the first thing that comes out after arriving at our destination. It is also great for lunch stops. The table slider system is lockable and secure.
  Front Runner Long Range Fuel Tank   LONG RANGE FUEL TANK:
This 62 ltr auxiliary fuel tank increases our fuel capacity to 152 ltr. This allows us to travel substantially longer distances between fuel stops. It also assists in more remote areas where fuel is not available. It fits neatly above the spare wheel bracket of the vehicle.
Dual Battery System with Battery Bracket and comprehensive electrical installation  

Our power demands include a fridge/freezer, internal and external lights, power points and an inverter for charging cameras and laptops. The electrical system includes a built-in dual battery in a bracket, complete wiring, a CTEK D250S charger and cables to the trailer.

  Front Runner Drawer System with Fridge Slide and 2 x drawers   FRONT RUNNER DRAWER SYSTEM:
Packing for an African expedition means that every item must have it's place and in easy reach when needed. The drawer system we chose gives us exactly that - two drawers that can take 4 ammo boxes (we opted for 2 ammo boxes and 1 metal drawer) and the fridge.
Front Runner Featherlite Rooftop Tent   FEATHER-LITE ROOFTOP TENT:
We decided on the Feather-lite rooftop tent because of its light weight, low profile and comfort. An added benefit is the additional space at the foot of the bed for shoes and clothing items. The tent sets up in 2 to 3 minutes and the low profile reduces wind resistance.
  Feather-Lite Awning   FRONT RUNNER AWNING:
Made with the similar fabric used on the Feather-lite Roof Top Tent) - a strong, lightweight, breathable, mold resistant, waterproof, pvc coated, heavy duty nylon. Either roof rack-mounted or stand-alone, and with a gable shaped canopy to allow water run-off.
  front runner accessories fitted on our metalian offroad trailer  
Front Runner Featherlite Rooftop Tent   FEATHER-LITE ROOFTOP TENT & ROOF RACK:
The trailer is fitted with a Slimline Roof Rack and a Feather-Lite Rooftop Tent. The tent opens over the clothing storage area of the trailer which keeps the kitchen and main drawer system at the back unobstructed.
  Trailer Electrics and Fitment   DOUBLE BATTERY SYSTEM & ELECTRICS:
The Metalian trailer comfortably accommodates two deep cycle batteries, a large fridge/freezer, 3 LED lights with switches and various charging points. A solar charging point and regulator also forms part of the trailer electrical system.
  All accessories, equipment and fitment were professionally done by Front Runner Vehicle Outfitters. The craftsmanship and professionalism of the Front Runner team made it a pleasure to work with them. The level of research and engineering that goes into their products make Front Runner the most sought after vehicle accessory provider in Africa! It's easy to see why so many outdoor enthusiasts trust Front Runner for their vehicle accessories and equipment. The Safari Co. proudly uses Front Runner Vehicle Outfitters products.  
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Front Runner Vehicle Outfitters | 4x4 Vehicle Accessories and Equipment | 4WD Preparations and Fitment
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